Thursday, August 2, 2012

Alami ( Mushroom) Tonak / Xacuti

It’s Shravan again and time again to prepare a most sought after delicacy of Alami or olmi . It is locally known as 'Alami' or 'Olami'. These mushrooms are in shape of buds are found in Goa,only into the mid monsoons .These seasonal wild edible shitol alami / mushroom are handpicked by rural folks. usually these are found in the deep forests . They are consumed before they bloom or they get infected by small insects (Jive) .When cooked well they are  Lip smacking.. They sell like hot cakes when villagers bring them to sell in market or set shop on highways or footpaths.Each Vatto (Small pile) fetches a minimum of 150 to 500 Rupee.

Recipe coming soon....

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