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Tisreo/ Clams Dry Masala /Tisreanche sukkem Tonak

Tisreos brings back many childhood memories. When during holidays my Maternal Uncle (Mama) along with his friends went to Nerul Creek for collection of tisreos(clams),Shinaneo(mussels) etc which are very famous from Nerul village in Bardez, Goa.Tisreos were collected in large number and distributed among neighbours, relatives and friends those days...In Goa, we cook clams in many ways fry/steam/curry/pilaf/stir fry/gravy/cutlet ; each family have their own style and preference of cooking.

Clams in modern day are used for many purposes other than eating. Buttons for fastening clothes have been made from clam shells. They are used in modern day shell art,floral arrangement and craft for souvenirs,wall hangings etc, Also it is widely used to make jewellery since ancient times and it has also found use in making of  paints, adhesive ,medicines,feeds for chicken etc etc.

Here is a tantalising recipe for dry gravy made with Coconut and Tisaryachi Ekshipi, which is clams with one shell on  .I am sure you will definitely like the taste.
This recipe can be adapted to cook all the shellfish in picture

Clams Dry Masala /Tisreanche sukkem Tonak

Ingredients for Clams Dry Masala /Tisreanche sukkem Tonak

100-150 Tisreos/Clams
1 Small/medium Coconut Grated
1tsp Coriander Seeds(optional)
4 garlic flakes
1" ginger crushed
1-2 tbsp Garam Masala(Use as per your preference)
1tsp Chilly powder
2 Onions medium sized finely chopped
1 Onion cut lenghtwise
4/5 kokum rinds or 1 cup Raw mango cut into pieces
1 tsp turmeric Powder
Oil for frying and salt for taste


Step1-In a shallow pan/vessel roast onion(lenghtwise) in little oil till it turns transculent .Next add Garlic flakes ,crushed Ginger and coriander seeds roast till onion turns golden .You now add the grated coconut and roast till done . Cool the roasted ingredients mix in Chilly powder,Garam Masala ,Turmeric and grind with as little water as possible take care the paste should not be ground finely .

Step2- Wash the Clams a couple of times, changing vessel with every rinse this will remove sand and grit stuck to outer shell; All you need is a good sharp knife, some patience and you'll be cleaning clams in no time.Cut the clam open with a sharp knife retaining one shell with the flesh (tisreachi ekshipi) and discarding other shell continue same process till you finish shelling them all .
tisreachi ekshipi

Everyone requires a very, very good rinsing. Yes! again and again.This will expel the sand they are holding in their stomaches.
Step3-In another vessel ,heat oil and saute onions till it turns pink,add tomatoes saute for a minute then you add Tisreos/clams stir  and let it cook for a minute more add in ground masala ,add water if needed but remember we are preparing dry masala so gravy should be thick .cook for 5 minutes add salt,Kokum rinds or raw mango,

Cook for another 10 -12 mins or till done .Garnish with Chopped coriander leaves. Serve hot with Rice or chappati or Goan Pav(bread)

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