Friday, November 25, 2011

Local (Konkani) names for Common Fish in Goa

Cat fish - Sangot
Long fin cavalla - Koncar
Gold spoted anchovy - Capsali Mandli
Indian Salmon - Raus
Reef cod - Gobro
Pearl spot - Kalundar
Whip fin majarra - Shetki
Dhoma / Croakar - Dodyaro (Hodki)
Butter fish - Saudalo/sovnaro
Common pony fish - Khampi
Mangrove red snapper - Tamoshi
Horse mackeral - Hado bangdo
Mullet - Shevtali / Shevto
Japanese thread fin bream - Rano
Black Pompret - Sagoti (Kayi) /Halwa
Indian Mackerel - Bangdo
Indian oil sardines - Tarlo
Railbow sardines - Krishranchi peddi
Sead - Konkoro
Indian dog shark - Mori
Barracuda - Tonki
Hilsa ilisha - Peddi
Hilsa species - Vonog,vonga
Seer fish - Surmai
Black tip shark - Pilo
Ribbon fish - Bale
Bombay duck - Bombil
Sole - Lep
Anchovy or silver belly - Velli
Pomfret - Pomplet/paplet
Silver bar - Korli
Kite or Ray fish - Waghole
King fish - Viswon
Butter fish - Karchani
Lady fish - Mudoshi
Rock bream - Haddo
Perch - Palu
Ghol(Jew fish) - Ghol
Giant sea perch - Chonak
Naked head glassy perchlet - Buranto

Source: Goa Today magazine


  1. this is a good for govan food site. join and follow.

  2. shinane in english?

  3. you forgot basa fish!! - catfish which is sold by hoteliers to fool all the people. It is bought at an extremelycheap price and sold in 5 stars!!!!

  4. Catfish is called Sangot (Sangta) its tastes good in amot-tik curry ..I Never eat fish out in hotels So I'm not sure what is served in hotels.